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Letting Your Light Shine
Even If You’re Scared To Be Seen

Gifted but shy?
Reclaiming Wholeness offers a surprisingly resonant
take on letting your light shine here on earth.

Introducing a New Book by Kimberlie Chenoweth, author, mentor, and founder of The Wholeness Project

~with Foreword by Marti Spiegelman

Advance Praise for the book:

In Reclaiming Wholeness, Kimberlie Chenoweth demonstrates her own connectedness with our mother earth's vital energies by transmitting the teaching directly through her words. With profound honesty and enthusiasm, she will guide you towards your own wholeness—‘an organizing principle of consciousness.’ A master in a long spiritual lineage, Kimberlie practices that orientation as a place to come from in each moment. I highly recommend this wonderfully real, energetic, and warmly encouraging book!

Anne Hillman | Author of Awakening the Energies of Love: Discovering Fire for the Second Time and The Dancing Animal Woman: A Celebration of Life,

Reclaiming Wholeness reveals a way to wholeness that often goes overlooked – a way to remember our rootedness in the fertile soils of psyche and earth. Kimberlie Chenoweth’s is a fresh new voice for the wisdom of our ancestors.

Tim Bachmeyer, Ph.D. | Co-author with Bill Everett, Disciplines in Transformation: A Guide to Theology and the Behavioral Sciences | Adjunct Professor, National Louis University | Professional fundraiser for nonprofits

Reclaiming Wholeness took me on a beautiful and unexpected journey. I was moved by Kimberlie’s brave telling and the way her words allowed me to remember my own story. Beyond her beautifully written memoir, though, I found another gift. Kimberlie opens a special door - showing us that it is possible to access the heart-mind wholeness we all desire. Whether you're new to the work of personal growth or have been on the path for years, you will be compelled into the beautiful teaching-way she offers.

Peggy Utesch | Author, Poet, Creative change facilitator, Healthcare reform activist, e- Chievement award winner

Reclaiming Wholeness guides us down a cathartic path of self-healing and personal redemption. Kimberlie Chenoweth delivers a powerful narrative with style and heart. Brava!

Evan Michael Zislis |Author of ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World | Founder of Intentional Solutions,

You know you’re here for a reason, and you want to shine. But you’re sensitive and a bit of an introvert. You’ve been hiding, like a seed buried beneath the snow longing for springtime. Well, my friend, it is time to sprout. 

Time to let your soul roots wiggle their way downward and outward into fertile soil, grounding you so you can reach your hands to the light and proclaim: I AM HERE.

Author Kimberlie Chenoweth will help you gather your courage to burst the husk. More than a workbook with five easy steps to discovering your gifts or your life purpose, this book is an invitation to let your sensitive self tend the seeds of your becoming in some novel ways. 

Part memoir, part evocative mentor, it offers a thoughtful way to help you germinate the seeds of your becoming so you can blossom organically into wholeness.

Here, Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft meets David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea, with a bit of Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies watering the seeds of this story of becoming.  

  • Be inspired by the author as she recounts her own journey to wholeness

  • Find sources of love that may surprise you

  • Discover the link between childhood wounding and your life purpose

  • Learn the most frequently missed source of wholeness

  • Explore a radical way of honing in on your work and place in the world

About the Author

Kimberlie Chenoweth, author, mentor, and founder of The Wholeness Project™,  is a natural at getting to the core of things – your uniqueness, your potential, and whatever gets in the way of being all you can be. She loves helping gifted healers, artists, teachers, and visionaries reclaim wholeness – to reconnect to the source of their abilities so they can get their good work out into the world the way it’s intended to be.

A bit of a mystic by nature, Kimberlie has studied visionary traditions of the East, West and native Americas. She has sat in silence, traveled widely, and committed to a process of deep healing and transformation over many years. She is an Andean mesa carrier with a cross-cultural initiation. Through Shaman’s Light™ training program and teachers in the Andes, Nepal, Tibet, and Ireland, Kimberlie has received out of the ordinary knowledge and tools for transformation that she’s passionate about sharing with others.

Kimberlie has a Master’s degree in Counseling. She’s a certified Master NLP Practitioner and an endorsed member of the Core Transformation Trainers Association. After 20 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and personal development trainer, she launched The Wholeness Project™ in 2012.

Kimberlie lives in rural Western Colorado with her husband, two dogs, beautiful sunsets, and access to tantalizing hiking trails. She rarely leaves the house without her camera.

Connect with Kimberlie at or by visiting her website, or following her on Facebook & Twitter.

Kimberlie Chenoweth's book, Reclaiming Wholeness, eloquently, authentically, and courageously chronicles her rich, life-rendering journey into wholeness. With rare unwavering trust, Kimberlie bravely and unconditionally encounters great challenges and gradually welcomes them all – darkness, doubts, vulnerabilities, fears, love, longings. She acquaints herself with, holds, honors, and, yes, cherishes all she harvests from within and from the outside world. Her voyage transforms her to a state of wholeness – the modern ‘Ithaca'. The reader will be self-inspired and with Kimberlie’s wisdom at hand, readily able to enhance his or her own life's journey. And I’m sure, you the reader will be hungry for more, as I am. This is an author we need to keep hearing from as she continues to explore the human journey beyond known horizons.

Peter Tsantilis, Ph.D. | Clinical Psychologist, Mentor, Lecturer

Reclaiming Wholeness is a companion volume for anyone interested and daring enough to be the authentic author of their life. With a kindness that seeps from the pages into your heart, Kimberlie will take you on a life-affirming journey from the perils and joys of childhood, through a dynamic process of personal healing, and ultimately into a palpable experience of belonging to something much greater than just yourself. Reclaiming Wholeness is about coming home.

Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. | Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology in Argentina | 57th President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Society for the Systems Sciences | Co-author with Ervin Laszlo of Mind Beyond SpaceTime: The Continuity of Consciousness in the Cosmos (forthcoming)

Reclaiming Wholeness is a delightful and surprising story that will reconnect you to a vital aspect of indigenous wisdom our modern society seems to have forgotten. From challenging beginnings in Great Falls Montana to life-changing encounters in the high Andes of Peru, Kimberlie’s deep-hearted memoir will inspire you to once again ask yourself those most challenging questions about your life purpose and sense of belonging. Most importantly, this book offers a doorway—an elegant invitation to reclaim your own relationship to wholeness.

Mike Goodman | Management Consultant and Shamanic Practitioner (Australia)

Reclaiming Wholeness. A remarkable blend of indigenous traditions and the challenges of the modern world merged into a powerful new perspective on how to create a life of flourishing. Kimberlie has a unique way of taking ancient wisdom and concepts that seem complex and making them easily understood by people of all backgrounds. These meaningful insights are important to any of us wanting to reconnect to the land, to ourselves and to each other so we can engage fully with life.

Jeanne Beckley |Co-Owner of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Iron Mountain Hot Springs | Shaman's Light™ student

Reclaiming Wholeness is deep and soulful, a true journey into an authentic way of being in the world.

Carol Peters | President, Peters Management Syndicate Inc (talent management)

As I began reading Kimberlie Chenoweth’s little book, Reclaiming Wholeness, I repeatedly found myself saying aloud, “Yes, yes!” If you’re a seeker like me, you’re bound to love how Kimberlie describes not only her work in helping people rediscover their roots, their connection to our earth, but also her own experiences, often painful, which gradually led her to her calling. She draws you, the reader, in as a friend, and writes you sweet personal letters addressed as ‘Dear Seeker.’ If you’ve been shut down by childhood trauma, or if you don’t feel as though you belong and aren’t sure of your purpose, Reclaiming Wholeness will not only comfort and assure you, but give you concrete ideas and a definite plan for how to reconnect to your authentic, indigenous life. Even if you’ve been on religious or spiritual paths that have eventually disappointed you, this book offers ideas that will ground you, open your heart to your own value, and lead you home. Reclaiming Wholeness offers a compelling way to discover and grow your authentic presence as an emergent expression of the divine here on earth.

Amy Duncan | Composer, Arranger, Pianist | Author of Getting Down to Brass Tacks: My Adventures In The World Of Jazz, Rio, And Beyond

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