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Women Reclaiming Authentic Passion, Purpose, and Power

Even if it currently seems impossible, YOU CAN
Realize your dreams.
Find your tribe.
Be whole again.

Walking in Wholeness offers a glimpse into a
transformative new way of restoring well being to your life.

An International #1 Bestseller…

Introducing a New Book by Kimberlie Chenoweth, author, mentor, and founder of The Wholeness Project

  • Does the life you’re living match up with the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

  • Wouldn’t you love to feel fully alive again, so caught up in a moment of magic that anything seems possible?

  • If there was a way to recapture the spirit of the way things used to be – without adding more demands to your day – would you be interested?

Walking in Wholeness introduces a knowledge of wholeness that can do just that for you.

This knowledge is grounded in a long lineage of Andean wisdom keepers, and it has the power to shift the way you be.

It’s here for you- a woman of purpose whose gifts are vital, not only for you and your loved ones, but for the world.

You are here to make a difference, and you don’t have to turn your life upside down to make it so. There is a community of like-hearted women waiting to welcome you home and to support you as you reclaim the real you.

With abundant joy and enthusiasm Kimberlie Chenoweth demonstrates both her mastery and the embodiment of what she teaches in her beautiful second book—that, as women, we are waking up to our role in the evolution of consciousness, and that we're called to do some healing on behalf of the world—as she literally "walks earth-anchored wholeness into her bones" with and for us. Don't miss the richness of Walking in Wholeness. It is a knockout!"

Anne HillmanAuthor, Awakening the Energies of Love, 2nd Edition, and The Dancing Animal Woman

"Kimberlie Chenoweth is a clear golden voice in a world that has filled itself with noise. Her message to women in all walks of life is precisely what we need to reorganize our world for renewed generativity, true wholeness, and creative fulfillment. She delivers a message that is at once immediate for the individual and global for modern culture. So if you’re seeking a way to blossom yourself, and have the courage to discover how much you matter in this world, read this book and seek out Kimberlie."

Marti SpiegelmanFounder: Shaman’s Light™: Indigenous initiation and mentoring for your genius Awakening Value™: Technologies of Consciousness for Thriving in Business

"Wow! What a fresh perspective on the age-old problem of how to live a fulfilling life in stressful times. Walking in Wholeness is a brilliant and masterful work of art. It brings key indigenous principles of consciousness (as known and lived in the Andes) to life in the Western world in a very relatable and practical way. Kimberlie has initiated a movement, showing us how to begin weaving the principle of original wholeness back into our busy lives and the communities to which we belong. I have nothing but deep respect and honor for Kimberlie’s beautiful wisdom voice collectively spoken into the world."

Ellen BachmeyerLCSW, Founder, The Windhorse

"Ancient wisdom finds new expression for these modern times through this beautifully crafted book, Walking in Wholeness. The chapters reveal basic truths that are woven into an intricate web, inviting women (and men) to grow as unique individuals, finding their authentic voices, and discovering true collectivity. The invitation is to remember this web of living systems in which we each play an important role, and Kimberlie awakens the place from which to begin."

Suza BedientFounder, Tree of Life

About the Author

Kimberlie Chenoweth is the founder of The Wholeness Project™ and developer of a transformational mentoring program that helps people claim their place in the world and create the life they’re meant to be living, in wholeness. She specializes in helping women bring their authentic essence to light so they can find their places of true belonging and thrive. These sensitive, insightful women often identify as healers, teachers, artists, and leaders who long for fulfillment and meaning at home, work, and play

Kimberlie grew up exploring a world of metaphysics and mysticism, and has studied traditions of the East, West and native Americas. She has sat in silence, traveled widely, and committed to a process of deep healing and transformation over many years. She’s initiated as an Andean mesa carrier and wisdom keeper.

The author of the Amazon bestselling book, Reclaiming Wholeness, Kimberlie has a Master’s degree in Counseling, and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and endorsed member of the Core Transformation Trainers Association. She enjoyed 22 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and personal development trainer before launching The Wholeness Project™ in 2012.

Kimberlie is a natural at getting to the core of things— your uniqueness, your potential, and the stuff that gets in the way of you being all that you can be. She lives in rural Western Colorado with her husband, two dogs, beautiful sunsets, and tantalizing hiking trails. She rarely leaves the house without her camera.

Connect with Kimberlie at or by visiting her website, or following her on Facebook & Twitter.

"In Walking in Wholeness, Kimberlie Chenoweth extends a wonderful invitation to women for their dreams to blossom. She intimately captures what it is like for women to feel trapped in a life of forgotten dreams, and then offers a hopeful and truly inspiring pathway to the fulfillment of wholeness. Along the way her down to earth examples provide a credibility that becomes real permission for women to take action and reclaim the authenticity they had lost or left behind.

P.S. While this book is designed for women, Kimberlie’s insights into the integration of the feminine and masculine in each of us opens the door for men to joyfully absorb her wisdom just as well."

Tim BachmeyerPh.D. President, the Andean Research Institute

"Somewhere along the way, we lost our way as women. We came to believe that we should place all of our needs, dreams and desires on the back burner in order to help our children, our families and those we love. We were taught to believe that tending to our own needs and desires is selfish, but it is only when we tend to our own well being that we have anything of value to give to anyone else.

Kimberlie Chenoweth will challenge the way you think about wholeness; rather than seeing it as a theoretical concept, she moves it into an active way of being in the world for women everywhere. This is your guidebook for discovering and aligning to your life's purpose."

Sharon PopeMaster Life Coach and International Best Selling Author of the Soulful Truth Telling Series

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