Your journey to a fully awake, alive, and flourishing life starts here.

There are two ways we might work together:
In a group with like-hearted women (Women Walking in Wholeness)
Individually (by phone or in person, for women and men)
Both pathways are described below.
But the first step toward either option is to schedule an initial consultation. This is where the conversation usually starts. Help me get to know you! In this one hour call, we’ll talk about your dreams and challenges, identify what’s working and where you get stuck. I’ll share a bit about my work and answer questions you may have. We’ll decide together which option is best for you – Women Walking in Wholeness or private individual work. (If neither option is a good fit for you at this time, I’ll do my best to refer you on to other resources.)

– Women Walking in Wholeness –

Women Walking in Wholeness is a training and mentoring program for women who long to bring their lives into alignment with their deepest sense of purpose and potential. The training is based in universal organizing principles found at the heart of all spiritual traditions. These principles serve as guides to help you claim, clear the way for, and create the life you’re designed for. The practical application of these principles reveals your true nature – healed and whole!

Women Walking in Wholeness includes:

• Training in all aspects of wholeness
• Personal healing as initiation into wholeness
• Mentoring to express your full potential

The training experience is one of profound engagement – with your soul, with Kimberlie as mentor, and with an intimate circle of not more than eight women. Mentoring is a powerful relationship. The mentor acts as steward and way-shower for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth so you can emerge authentic and whole. Your longing becomes a guide; fear is acknowledged and transcended; and your challenges become fertile fields for blossoming your gifts.

The work is sacred, lovingly held and maintained with professional boundaries and full confidentiality.

– Private, Individual Healing and Mentoring –

To say yes to a process of deep healing and mentoring is to be seen and acknowledged, to be challenged and celebrated. It’s to meet yourself whole even while you heal what needs to be healed.

Mentoring is a sacred relationship that has the potential to open the whole world to you. You’ll have breakthroughs, find strength in vulnerability, and be inspired to find the freedom you long for. You’ll align your heart and soul with Spirit’s big vision for you, and find yourself on a path to fulfillment. It takes courage to say yes, but mentoring is one of the most delicious, soul satisfying engagements into which you can enter.

With support and guidance, you can create the meaningful life you’ve dreamed of.

My role as mentor is to hold and guide your process as you discover how to do it for yourself. I’m a way-shower: having chosen a path of profound transformation myself, I’m here to witness, guide, and champion you as you move forward. No one does it alone!

Those questions we all carry – “Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I belong” – can only be answered as we deepen our connections to each other, to nature, and to Spirit. To work with someone who knows the territory you’re traversing is gratifying and generative.

I’ve participated in lots of groups ever since high school, and I’m touched by how loving, supportive, and accepting you all are, the way you all witness me – how not common this is in other groups. There’s real heart here. Each of us has the intention of being whole, and when we come together in that it’s powerful. It’s magical. It has changed my life.


You accept me for who I am and that lessens my fear. I really believe we have been chosen by the spirits, the universe, and when we get together it’s to find out what for.


Working with Kimberlie, I discovered what is at the core of my being. Creativity is boundless with this energy working with you and for you. It takes someone like Kimberlie, who is really a guide, a mentor and a translator, to help you through the many layers that unfold along the way. My experience has been deeply personal and very real.


Kimberlie replaces a hierarchy-based view of mentorship with the power of experience and loving presence. She puts fear in its place – as a power to source, not to run from.

Marti Spiegelman