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Kimberlie Chenoweth
Mentoring and Initiation for your LIFE!
Kimberlie Chenoweth
Mentoring and Initiation for your LIFE!

The disconnect we experience in today’s world is pervasive, generating anxiety, overwhelm, and disillusionment. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to help you consciously reconnect with your deepest roots in Source, including the land, in the lineages you carry, and in light. When you plug into these sources, you’ll find yourself rising true to what makes you YOU, woven into a tapestry of multi-dimensional belonging.

If you love to learn as you grow and you’re willing to dive in and do some deep work, I will meet you with a kind of fierce, loving presence that helps spark your spirit into embracing possibility, fulfillment, and wholeness.


You are not broken.

There’s a wholeness

at the core of your being

that cannot be fragmented,

disconnected, or destroyed,

that remains even when you forget.


Tree with roots
Weaving Earth and Spirit to cultivate wild awake
wholeness in your life and in the world.
© 2022 Kimberlie Chenoweth, MA

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