Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation for your life!

Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation
for your life!

Coming Home to the Great Mother
The Roots of Resilience & Wholeness are in the Land

Thursday April 21 (7:00 – 8:30pm) and Saturday April 23 (9:30am – 4:30pm)
Facilitated by Kimberlie Chenoweth
Hosted by The Center for Human Flourishing and Sonja Linman (steward of the land at 7th Elder)

Born of a collective vision for sharing teachings and practices that create flourishing, this is the first in a series of events to be offered in the coming months. Please join us!

This two-part event is filled with wisdom and practices for deepening our relationship with Mother Earth in ways that continually regenerate resilience and wholeness, bringing exponential love for Her, for each of us, for our communities, and for the world.

Part 1

7 to 8:30 pm
Venue: Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO

This will be an introductory evening to explore the roots of wisdom in western culture and the ways in which our culture has cut itself off from those deep roots, resulting in the unsustainable position we find ourselves and our world in today. But there is good news: the original wisdom is still there for us to source and embody in our lives today.

Suggested Donation $10

Part 2

9:30am – 4:30 pm, with potluck lunch
Venue: 7th Elder on Canyon Creek, Glenwood Springs, CO (directions provided with registration)

Facilitated by Kimberlie Chenoweth, this will be a day for experiential healing and reconnection with the Great Mother, with teachings and practices that generate resilience and wholeness:

We will gather in a beautiful home on Canyon Creek, west of Glenwood Springs, venturing out onto sacred land for exercises and explorations that can restore our life force – our resilience, connectivity, and wide awake engagement with life, no matter what.

Fee $60
Kimberlie Chenoweth
About our facilitator:
Kimberlie Chenoweth

Kimberlie is the founder of The Wholeness Project™ and creator of a transformational mentoring, training and initiation program. She is an Andean mesa carrier with a cross-cultural initiation. Kimberlie specializes in helping women bring their authentic essence to light, find true belonging, and flourish. Weaving earth and spirit … cultivating wild awake wholeness!

About the land where we’ll be gathering:
7th Elder on Canyon Creek, hosted by Sonja Linman
7th Elder, upon three acres of land in Canyon Creek, Glenwood Springs, is a sacred place to “Serve Our Servants.” 7th Elder is home to the Linman family, where they honor the history of the land, and offer spaces for learning, meditation, gathering and celebration.
About our host and sponsor: The Center for Human Flourishing
invites individuals and communities to engage in opportunities for growth that ignite the full potential of the human spirit.

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