Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation for your life!

Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation
for your life!


The Heart of the Mother

(Inspired by a dream after seeing a mandala window
lit by the 2019 fire at Notre Dame)

Didn’t she take you
into the center of centers,
the Holy of Holies
from which all that
is sacred and true emerges?

I dreamed I was taken
into the heart of the Mother,
keeper of the primordial seed
that wooed every harmonic aspect
of Notre Dame into existence . . .
to incubate
in the organic juiciness
of the seed
at the center
of her bejeweled mandala,
to awaken an ancient remembrance
of who She really is:
germinator of the seed
in the heart of the flower of life,
sparking new expressions
of her originality in ours,
an invitation to take our old ideas
of who and why we are
to the fire of transformation,
to partake
in the alchemical transmutation
and be reborn
in the succulent center
of our own lives,
forever enwombed in hers.

Primal Intelligence

Let us remember what brings us
to the Great Mother –
her wild primal intelligence
gestating in our belllies.

The old indigenous one
is restoring remembrance
of fierce deep love, wound, and triumph,
is weaving a web of wholeness
into land, lineage, and light.
So let us celebrate the Mother
and the women of the lineages
coming alive in our lives
the Marys
the Taras
the Mamas of the Pleiades
and all the others,
including those whose names we do not know.

Let us give thanks for the voice of the drum
and the bell,
for initiation
both into and beyond place and time
and for every opportunity
to re-member Her
even – especially – when others forget.

Let us say yes to silken selkie oceanic presence
forever lapping at the edges
of conscious awareness
daring us to dive deeper still
into unknown waters.

Let us say as big a yes to shadow and darkness
(to growing seeds
in the fecund underbelly of creation)
as we do to the light that sparks every cell of our being.

Let us say yes to the mater
in our own blood, bones, and bloom.

Star Walking

I belong to the way of the star walker,
one who knows the taste and feel of destiny,
who tracks the truth of who and why you are.
I am Orion’s ally,
centered in Alnilam’s arsenal of action.
Sourcing the seed sac at our side,
we shoot arrows toward your star
saying, here, this, YOU.
The world needs you.
You’re it! You can and must BE it,
your own unique constellation
of starlight become earth!

Yes . . . you!

Pachamama’s Daughter

Oh Pachamama,
spirit of the old
wild places within—
nourish the rich, dark soil
of this dear one’s birth.

From your rich, dark humus
springs the seed to life.

Help her unfurl her green shoots and tendrils
toward the light
and into earth,
surrender the tender bud
to full bloom,
drink in the sun
and shine her brilliance
into the world.
May her creative cycles spark
into life her wildest imaginings.

Oh Pachamama,
Spirit of the old
Wild places within—
From your rich, dark humus
this seed springs to life!


is pointing
toward release . . .
the divine
find us
at last
in the long awaited
we thought
was horizon
but is right here
We lie down tired
on scorched earth
and find ourselves enfolded
in the tender touch
of angel wings
and love,
to rest at last
as we are meant
to rest
and awaken
in a gentle field
of tulips
and sunlight
our hearts,
and everything
is joy.

Your True Face

What was
the original shape
of your face –
before life’s blows
tightened your jaw,
narrowed your eyes,
furrowed your brow?

Before you forgot
your Self,
who is still and ever
looking for a way
through the hard structures
put in place
to protect
what’s been forgotten.

Yes, what is
the original shape
of your true face –
the one that
longs to guide you home,
that holds
the very essence of being
you long to touch
and breathe
and live?

What’s the shape
of your true face,
sculpted from the inside out
in tandem
with wind and wave
and land?

And will you do
what it takes
to release the old hold,
retrieve your wild,
and let nature have her way
with your true nature?

A Poem for our Times

When the wind at your back
So now you walk head on
Into a fierce north wind
What will you do?

Home lies ahead –
Earth, hearth, heart –
Will you freeze in your tracks?
Will you change course?

Or will you carry on?
Will you meet the winds raw,
Plant your next footfall,
Align with the power of love?

Lean into the wind.
Let its sharp edges trim
and focus your resolve
Till all that remains is the light of our hearts
Guiding us home.

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