Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation for your life!

Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation
for your life!

Primal Intelligence

Let us remember what brings us
to the Great Mother –
her wild primal intelligence
gestating in our belllies.

The old indigenous one
is restoring remembrance
of fierce deep love, wound, and triumph,
is weaving a web of wholeness
into land, lineage, and light.
So let us celebrate the Mother
and the women of the lineages
coming alive in our lives
the Marys
the Taras
the Mamas of the Pleiades
and all the others,
including those whose names we do not know.

Let us give thanks for the voice of the drum
and the bell,
for initiation
both into and beyond place and time
and for every opportunity
to re-member Her
even – especially – when others forget.

Let us say yes to silken selkie oceanic presence
forever lapping at the edges
of conscious awareness
daring us to dive deeper still
into unknown waters.

Let us say as big a yes to shadow and darkness
(to growing seeds
in the fecund underbelly of creation)
as we do to the light that sparks every cell of our being.

Let us say yes to the mater
in our own blood, bones, and bloom.

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