Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation for your life!

Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation
for your life!

The Heart of the Mother

(Inspired by a dream after seeing a mandala window
lit by the 2019 fire at Notre Dame)

Didn’t she take you
into the center of centers,
the Holy of Holies
from which all that
is sacred and true emerges?

I dreamed I was taken
into the heart of the Mother,
keeper of the primordial seed
that wooed every harmonic aspect
of Notre Dame into existence . . .
to incubate
in the organic juiciness
of the seed
at the center
of her bejeweled mandala,
to awaken an ancient remembrance
of who She really is:
germinator of the seed
in the heart of the flower of life,
sparking new expressions
of her originality in ours,
an invitation to take our old ideas
of who and why we are
to the fire of transformation,
to partake
in the alchemical transmutation
and be reborn
in the succulent center
of our own lives,
forever enwombed in hers.

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