Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation for your life!

Kimberlie Chenoweth

Mentoring, Training, and Initiation
for your life!

What is Wholeness?

What is Wholeness?

There is a wholeness at the core of being that cannot be fragmented or destroyed. It’s always there – even when we forget.

Wholeness isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living! Wholeness is a dynamic, creative process through which we manifest our potential as humans on planet Earth. My mission is to help create a world in which well-being, fulfillment, and wholeness come to vibrant life within each one of us, individually and collectively.

Let’s take a look at three dimensions of wholeness you’ll get to explore in our work together.

1. Wholeness = You, Intact, Authentically You!

This dimension of wholeness requires the courage to dive deep in order to heal the ‘stuff’ that challenges
your authentic presence in the world.

2. Wholeness = The discovery and constant renewing of your wisdom expressed in the world

This dimension of wholeness reveals a unique coding of energy and information that makes you YOU!

3. Wholeness = The organizing principle of creativity and creation

This dimension of wholeness unleashes all the creative potential of your presence, purpose, and passion.

Working with Kimberlie, I discovered what is at the core of my being. Creativity is boundless with this energy working with you and for you. It takes someone like Kimberlie, who is really a guide, a mentor and a translator, to help you through the many layers that unfold along the way. My experience has been deeply personal and very real.

Jen Sanborn, Artist

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